The Guardian

Since 2013 Caterina (as video producer) and Sergio (as freelance editor) have worked on a variety of short online documentaries and video series for the Guardian.

UK based DVD label Second Run specialises in releasing real cinematic treasures coming from all over the world from South America to the Far East. Miafilm had the pleasure of filming at various events organised by SR and produced the extras on Yorgos Lathimos Kinetta's DVD.


Toscana Photographic Workshops organises workshops with leading photographers of Magnum, National Geographic, VII and other agencies. Miafilm has worked with TPW since 2004 producing short online documentary videos portraying their work and activity.




Pubblico Bene promotes and produces people funded journalism. Based in Bologna, it covers stories nationally and internationally. Miafilm produced a documentary looking at Bologna and London in their effort in becoming cycle friendly cities.




Youtool is a design agency based in Bologna, Italy that workshops to match designers and factories who want to start their own series.



Cooperative Di Costruzioni

Through the stories of the people who work in all the different fields of construction, from the North to the South of Italy, the documentary shows the various activities this Cooperative that has been operating in the territory for over 100 years, is involved in.




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